And Then Some

Hello, My Dears.

To quote a friend of mine, I haven’t posted in my blog for months because I’ve been too busy living it.

Whether it’s bottle-feeding a newborn lamb every two hours for the first 72 hours of life because it couldn’t figure out how to nurse its own mother —


The best was going to a local hardware store asking for formula bottle tops, and having an overenthusiastic employee say “I have two nipples!”

or having 9 other lambs born within the following two weeks, and 5 calves in the span of a month (including the spawn of that demon heifer) —


Real cow boys and girls.

or welcoming my dad for a week-long visit to the ranch —


Trees were felled, rodents killed, and many a fire stoked.

or whether it was battling the elements in my tiny house on top of my lonely mountain, huddled next to the only heater in my house during bouts of freezing rain —


Did I mention I could see my breath indoors?

or road-tripping all the way up to San Fransisco and back within one weekend —


My friend named her car Black Betty. I prepared myself for the worst.

or entertaining a group of outstanding individuals for a glorious day on the ranch with Mass, firearms, and good food —


“Saturday Boom Fest” and “Sunday Gunday”.

or taking a trip to the ER for what I thought was carbon monoxide poisoning (but hey, I knocked off receiving my fifth sacrament #anointing) —


Sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours before finally giving up and leaving. “If I die, I die.”

or driving up to LA, having dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and driving back all in under 6 hours —


Chicken pot pie is delicious. That is all.

or having my time on the ranch come to an end as I made the decision to move more than an hour north —


I find it noteworthy to say that the same goats that crossed my path upon first arriving at the ranch, similarly crossed the road for my final descent.

or living out of boxes and sleeping on a couch for almost 2 solid months, quitting my remote job, getting employed at my alma mater, and┬ábeing called to show up early on one of my first days off to oversee the aftermath of a hit-and-run —


I would like to draw your attention to the hanging sign: “Houston, we have a problem.”

or visiting Idaho for the first time —


Idaho is #AmericasBestKeptSecret

or meeting, dating, getting engaged to, and planning a wedding with my husband-to-be —


He liked it. So he put a ring on it.

I’ve been a little preoccupied.

But I will transcribe more of my dragonylicious adventures soon. Don’t be surprised if they involve broken ceramics, mouse massacres, and the insanity of HOA development construction.



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