Remember, Remember, My Move in November


My Dears,

Instead of back-posting the last two months of my life to bring you all up to date, I’ll give you one CliffsNotes blog post for November, and another for December. As can be deduced from the title of this particular post, here’s November:

After a summer of spraining both my wrists, and accidentally dying my hair blue (a story for another time), I moved back to San Diego.

  • Jamul experienced a 3-acre wildfire very close to my new home a few days after I moved in. #perfecttiming
    But I didn’t die. Actually, no one did. And there was no property damage, so that’s the anti-climactic end to that story.
  • I bought my first manual car, which I’m thinking of naming Iroh (Dragon of the West, anyone?). The rear heat shield decided to split and come half-way off only a few days after purchase, scraping the ground beneath the car in the most dreadfully attention-drawing manner possible.
    As I made my way to the mechanic, I was informed by multiple well-meaning passer-by’s of my obvious problem.
    (Thank you, everyone. Without your highly-trained ears, I never would’ve noticed the sounds issuing from the bottom of my vehicle, equivalent to the screaming souls of all the damned in Hell.)
    These interactions were made even more awkward because everything about the car is manual — including the windows. This means that every time someone tried waving to get my attention to inform me of my obvious problem, I’d have to sprawl across my passenger seat to fumble with the turn-handle on the opposite side of the car until the window cracked enough for me to shout a “thank you” and assure them I was perfectly aware of the problem.
  • On an entirely different note, one of my four chickens died. And digging a hole in Jamul is a lot harder than anticipated. (To quote John Wayne: “Now I know why you all have so many rock walls in this country.”)
  • And finally, for those of you wondering if I spent the holidays alone, worry not. I got a visit from the fire department on Thanksgiving — mostly because I called them. There was a massive propane tank leak and I almost blew up my side of the mountain. #notmyfault

Those are some of the highlights of my first month back in sunny San Diego. There are a few other very remarkable happenings from November (e.g. My gas stove exploding. Twice.) but each deserves to have an entire post dedicated to its retelling.

Until then, I’ll be busy recapping the entire month of December for the next post.



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