The Lonely Mountain


Hello, My Dears.

Before you assume that the title of this post refers to my current emotional state in any way, stop. For those of you who caught the Tolkien reference, kudos; that makes me Smaug and Mount Lyon a hoard of dwarf gold — both of which are not far from the truth. But since I’m liturgically Chaldean, I guess that actually makes me Marduk, or Mušḫuššu, and the mountain would be Babylon, or the realm of the gods…or the sea…

This analogy has escaped me.

Regardless, dragons don’t get all mopey in their solitude. No, they’re out there being fierce, breathing fire, and flying free, perfectly content to be their dragony selves. To boot, there are plenty of unexpected life-events that keep this flannel-flaunting dragon on her toes and far from bored.

Why am I writing this blog? What makes me different from the countless thousands of other people shouting into the virtual void to have their opinion validated?

I’ve got a better question. Why are you reading? If y’all don’t like the content I’m creating, go create your own. I love my amazing, remarkable, and (on occasion) supremely awkward life, and want to chronicle the bizarre things that happen during it. I’ve had plenty of family members and friends ask me to start this blog so they can see what I’m up to, and I intend to service them, but most importantly myself in doing so.




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